What is Numerical Acumen?

Our aim is simple: to help you develop the mechanical basics of a numerical mind.

Just 5 minutes a day inside Numerical Acumen's games will:

  • Increase the speed at which you recall basic number facts and other mathematics facts.
  • Improve your accuracy when using your brain as a calculation device.
  • Improve your speed when using your brain as a calculation device.
  • Improve your understanding of when not to, and when to, use an electronic calculator.

Try out the game now.

Your progress is logged and can be viewed on easy to read graphs.
View examples of the overall play time and score/stage graphs.

Numerical Acumen is a marathon, not a sprint.
It is a program to be involved with during all of your developing years.
It is never too late to acquire the critical mental skills offered.


Unit 1:  Doubling.
Unit 2:  Near doubles.
Unit 3:  Adding near 10s.
Unit 4:  Hop to 10.


Unit 1:  Two, Three, Five & Ten.
Unit 2:  Four, Six, Eight & Nine.
Unit 3:  Seven, Eleven, Twelve & Sixteen.
Unit 4:  Factors and Multiples.


Unit 1:  The ideas.
Unit 2:  Comparing.
Unit 3:  Multiplying.
Unit 4:  Adding.
Unit 5:  Subtracting.
Unit 6:  Dividing.


Unit 1:  The ideas.
Unit 2:  Subtracting whole numbers.


Unit 1:  The ideas.
Unit 2:  Dividing whole numbers.

In time, more topics will be added.

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