Numerical Acumen Privacy Policy      Download as PDF file

Last updated: 25 April, 2016.

Learn Troop Pty. Ltd. ("us", "we" or "our") operates the Numerical Acumen website ("Website" or "System") located at

This document outlines our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information that is received from users of the Website.

Collection of personal information

In order to register (i.e. create an account) on the Numerical Acumen website, you must provide some basic personal information. This information consists of: first name, last name, email address. You must also specify a username and password that you will use to log in to the Website. Once registered, you may select a timezone so that dates and times are displayed correctly according to your specific geographic location.

During normal use of the Website, we collect some basic behind-the-scenes information that helps us keep the System running smoothly. This information consists of: operating system, web browser type and version, IP address.

When students create an account, they may specify a Teacher Code which identifies a teacher's user account in the System. This links the student's account to the teacher's account, allowing the student's account to be powered by the teacher's account. It also allows the teacher to view the student's gameplay performance and challenge progress. Subsequently, a teacher's account typically has many links to individual student accounts. A teacher can further organise their list of students by specifying groups of students (i.e. classes) and giving these groups convenient names.

Teachers have the ability to leave comments for their students. This text can only be seen by the student it was written for and the teacher who wrote it.

When a student joins a challenge, they are asked for their: country, state, year level.

A user's gameplay performance is logged by the System. Such gameplay results may also count towards a challenge. A teacher has the ability to view their students' gameplay performance and challenge results, as well as 3 types of challenge metrics: improvement, dedication, performance.

We occasionally offer free access to Numerical Acumen (in conjunction with a Challenge) to schools that meet a particular requirement, such as being located in a particular geographical region. To apply for free access, you need to fill in a form. This form asks for the following information: school name, school suburb, school state, your name, your email address.

It is possible to contact us via the website's "Contact Us" page. The text you submit is sent only to employees of Learn Troop in order to answer your questions and provide appropriate support in using the Numerical Acumen website.

Use and sharing of personal information

We do not share any of the aforementioned personal information with any third parties, nor do we display any of it publicly on the Website. All personal information is used solely to allow the Numerical Acumen website to perform its various functions and to help us assist users if they encounter any difficulties.


We use a simple cookie that allows you to stay logged in to the website.

We do not use any third-party tracking cookies.

Sensitive financial information

We accept payments via Credit Card or PayPal.

Credit Card details provided by the customer are sent immediately to our payment processor in a secure manner, and are never stored in our System.

PayPal payments are made by momentarily sending the user to the PayPal website where they can validate their PayPal credentials. Our System does not see or store this information.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy may occasionally change. The latest version will always be available from the Numerical Acumen website.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or would like further information, please contact us by using the Contact Us page on the website ( or emailing directly.