What is Numerical Acumen?

Our aim is simple: to help you to develop the mechanical basics of a numerical mind in each of your students:

  • Increase the speed at which they recall basic number facts and other mathematics facts.
  • Improve their accuracy when using their brain as a calculation device.
  • Improve their speed when using their brain as a calculation device.
  • Improve their understanding of when not to, and when to, use an electronic calculator.

Support is offered through two different avenues:

  1. Online instruction, practice and assessment.
  2. Paper-based instruction, practice and assessment.


Your students have 24-7 access to Numerical Acumen's game-based practice and assessment environment.
Try out the single-player and multi-player games.

Students' progress is logged and can be viewed on easy to read graphs.
View examples of the overall play time and score/stage graphs.

Numerical Acumen is a marathon, not a sprint.
It is a program for students at all points of their development.


Unit 1:  Doubling.
Unit 2:  Near doubles.
Unit 3:  Adding near 10s.
Unit 4:  Hop to 10.


Unit 1:  Two, Three, Five & Ten.
Unit 2:  Four, Six, Eight & Nine.
Unit 3:  Seven, Eleven, Twelve & Sixteen.
Unit 4:  Factors and Multiples.


Unit 1:  The ideas.
Unit 2:  Comparing.
Unit 3:  Multiplying.
Unit 4:  Adding.
Unit 5:  Subtracting.
Unit 6:  Dividing.


Unit 1:  The ideas.
Unit 2:  Subtracting whole numbers.


Unit 1:  The ideas.
Unit 2:  Dividing whole numbers.

In time, more topics will be added.


Booklets are provided which contain instruction, practice sheets and an assessment for a particular unit.
Simply print, distribute and the learning begins. View a booklet.

You can also produce your own versions of the practice and assessment sheets.

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