I have a Teacher account. What can I do with it?

Once you have a Teacher account, you can do various things.
The pages mentioned below are all accessible from your My Stuff page (once you are logged in).

Give your students access to Numerical Acumen

Giving each of your students your Teacher Code allows them to create a Numerical Acumen account for free.
Once they have joined, you will be able to view their progress.

Access the Support Materials

A booklet is provided for each module, which outlines the relevant theory and strategies.
Support matererials are accessible on the Support Materials page.

Group your students

For convenience, you can group your students.
If you have a lot of students, groups make it easier to navigate their game statistics and Challenge progress.
You can group your students on the Group Students page.

Play the single-player game

The single-player game is a fun way to improve your skills.
You can play it on the Play Game (single-player) page.

View your game progress

Every time you play the single-player game, your performance is recorded.
You can view your performance (and the performance of your students) on the Game Statistics page.

Enter a Challenge

If a Challenge is currently being held, your students can participate in it.
If you like, you may also create your own private challenge which only your students can enter.
You can enter Challenges on the Challenge page.

Play the multi-player game

The multi-player game can be played by up to 4 people (on the same computer).
You can play it on the Play Game (multi-player) page.